SEO Pricing Packages

 SEO Pricing PackagesHow Much Should You Pay?

If you spend much time researching SEO options, you’ll quickly discover that search engine optimization prices vary widely from one company to another. And while your gut reaction may be to go with the lowest cost option, it’s important to understand what you’re getting for those prices before you sign a contract. Let’s take a look at the different SEO pricing packages available and what you can expect to receive from each type.


 What Packages Are Available?

Most SEO companies will offer several SEO pricing packages for you to choose from, with different services in each one. The more you pay, the more extensive the service will be. Overall, you’ll typically see the following general price categories:

  • Up Front Fixed Pricing – Some companies prefer to charge a set price for each service they offer, no matter what results you get. This ensures that their expenses are covered, even if it takes a while for results to show in the rankings. Fixed pricing may be project-based or may be charged as an hourly or monthly fee.
  • Performance or Based Pricing – On the other end of the spectrum are companies who charge based on performance. You pay according to the rankings you get, the traffic that reaches your website, or the number of leads you get based on the SEO services.
  •  Combination Packages – While fixed pricing seems to favor the service provider and performance-based pricing seems to favor the client, combination packages try to meet in the middle by charging a relatively low initial down payment, plus a percentage of revenues gained through the website following optimization.


 What Can You Expect to Receive?

SEO pricing packages typically include a combination of the following site review and consultation, editing, link building, and keyword research and tracking. More complex packages may include additional services. Your search engine optimization cost may vary based on the number of keywords you choose, the number of campaigns you want to run, or the length of your contract.


 How Do I Choose the Right Package?

There is no industry standard when it comes to search engine optimization pricing. SEO pricing packages will vary widely from company to company. Because it can be difficult to judge a company’s reliability based on price alone, it’s important to do your research and find out about track records based on jobs done for other clients. In addition, always get a search engine optimization quote that includes the services you’ll receive as well as the pricing model. Finally, beware of companies that guarantee a result, since search engine optimization operates in a realm of constant change.