Facts About SEO

Search engine optimization has long been viewed as the golden key to unlock the potential of a website by making it visible to interested readers. It’s also viewed by many as a magic bullet designed to outsmart the searchread

Small Business SEO

SEO provides an excellent opportunity for you to get the name of your small business in front of potential customers. But in order to reach your local audience, you’ll need to approach search engine optimization…

SEO Competitor Analysis

You’ve carefully crafted your website and implemented your SEO strategy on every page, but you’re still not getting the rankings you want. The next step is finding out who you’re competing against and what they’re doing…

Internet Advertising Consultant

As a small business owner, you need to make every dollar count when it comes to marketing your business and products. For this reason, many small businesses attempt to keep…

What Others are Saying About Our Work

“Thanks to the expertise of Jim and his staff at JV Marketing Unlimited, our website is now
generating more customers than we can handle. They have taken two of our websites and put them at the top of the search engine results for very profitable search terms. I would highly recommend their search engine optimization services to anyone wanting to get more customers from their website.”

Mike Walton

“We are in the Computer/Server Backup sector which is one of the more competitive spaces on the internet in terms of Search Engine Marketing. Despite the heavy competition we have achieved many number one listings and many more first page placements for high traffic search phrases on all of the major search engines. I would like to thank everyone at JV Marketing Unlimited as they’ve been very focused on delivering stable search engine traffic to our website.”

Paul O’Mahony
Director of Marketing